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Skeins Unfurled

1. Skeins Unfurled

Title: Skeins Unfurled
Author: K. M. Vanderbilt
Blurb: When the murder of a god shatters a thousand years of peace, chaos reigns among the known worlds. Even the Norns, blinded and stripped of their powers, cannot see how it will end.

Left without guidance, some gods choose to make their own fates. Others cannot. Old ties are torn apart while new ones are forged. And amidst that tenuous balance, ancient secrets emerge. War looms on the horizon.

In a struggle where battle lines constantly shift and allies just as quickly become enemies, nothing is sacred. For some, the end comes sooner than Ragnarok.

*I was gifted a copy of this book as a thank you for a book purchase I made*

First: If you know anything at all about Norse mythology, you should disband that knowledge before reading this book. And you should read this book, by a landslide. But, K.M. Vanderbilt has taken creative license, as fiction authors do. It’s brilliant, but it can be hard to digest if you’re a mythology-buff.

Second: You’ll be sucked in immediately. I had a hard time pulling myself from the book when I needed to. If I hadn’t had it on my computer, I would’ve ended up immersed on my phone the few times I had to be away. The sheer imagery starts from the very first sentence and doesn’t let up in the least. Trust me, just read the book.

Third: Going from POV to POV was nerve-wracking. Honestly, I kept expecting right as the tension got high that the story would cut to another POV, but I was greatly pleased to be wrong in this regard. Nothing annoys me more, and K. M. Vanderbilt gets my regard there. When the tension is high, they stay with the tension and, a lot of the time, suspense. I was on the edge of my seat, literally and figuratively, turning page after page to see what would happen.

Fourth: It’s hard to know who to root for, at times. You start out liking these characters, but then find later that you…don’t. And vice versa. There’s a moral ambiguity to them all, which keeps you on your toes. I had some definite favorites and some definite…not. But, over all, each character was their own person. Well-developed and amazingly written.

Over all, I recommend this book. There were terms I didn’t understand (there’s a glossary in the back! It was just a bit inconvenient for me, being on computer and all), and some things that happened that I couldn’t quite get the scope of. But, over all, I loved reading Skeins Unfurled. It was beautiful and heart-wrenching.


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