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Love is More Than Skin Deep

Title: Love is More Than Skin Deep
Author: Mary Crawford; website
Blurb: Shelby Lyons was thrilled to be starting her career as a teacher and impulsively stopped into her favorite shop to get a tattoo to mark the occasion. Little did she know that the decision would change her life.

Getting a tattoo is not something attorney Mark Littleson had ever considered, but after he discovered artwork from his late brother, it seemed like a perfect tribute. Mark is busy raising his daughter and he knows better than to be drawn to the ethereal blonde woman with the soothing laugh. Yet when he finds her withdrawn and crying, he can’t help but be drawn in. Will he discover that love is more than skin deep?

*I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*

I will admit, first off, that this book was not of a type I’d normally read. I read through boxes of books much like this in my formative years, though I will also admit that few of them had to do with skin cancer or cancer of any kind.

Shelby Lyons walks into Ink’d Deep and isn’t expecting her life to change. Neither was Mark Littleson. And you get to read through the ups and downs—through Shelby’s battle with skin cancer, and Mark’s battle through the sudden reappearance of his ex-wife and what it could mean for their relationship and his autistic daughter.

They are joined by a cast of characters who show up and play their own parts. Rogue, the woman who first notices something wrong with Shelby’s back; Jade who confirms it; Jessica who becomes fast friends with Shelby, and we even get to see her wedding at the end. Plus many others, including the partners of the afformentioned women.

I loved the sweetness, which was just enough to be balanced out with the sadness. There was no doubt in my mind that Love is More Than Skin Deep would end with a happily ever after, but the getting there was surely fraught with angst and minor and major perils.

The only thing I found off-putting is at times the writing style put things unconnected to the paragraph in. Like suddenly talking about the protagonists earrings when the sentence before that was about her hair. This was all such a small blip it didn’t make reading difficult, nor did it take away from the story.

Over all, I would recommend Love is More Than Skin Deep to anyone looking for a sweet romance. it is definitely worth the read.


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