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Guilty by Association

Title: Guilty by Association
Author: E.A. Copen
Blurb: Everything’s bigger in Texas…Including the monsters. 

Things look bad for Judah Black. Being forced to take an assignment in the middle of nowhere or risk losing her badge is hardly what she would call a perk of the job. But when a young werewolf is murdered on the Paint Rock Supernatural Reservation, her day goes from bad to worse.

Labeled as a drug deal gone wrong, local law enforcement passes the case off as solved. Judah knows better. An occult expert, she knows the look… the feel of magick. Despite the local authorities, Judah presses into the investigation but she wasn’t prepared to uncover a cunning, ancient enemy… one that proves irritated with her interference.

Using only her wits, knowledge and limited magickal abilities can Judah untangle the web of cover-ups and lies before the killer finds his next victim?

Guilty by Association has a deep, funny, and sometimes even frustrating cast of characters, a fast paced, engaging plot, and an amazing world that has we only have a small taste of.

When Judah Black and her son, Hunter, arrive in Paint Rock, she’s not given the warmest welcome. First, there’s the dead werewolf in her vampire-owned 24-hour laundromat; the secrets everyone seems to be hiding; and then there’s the fact that babies have gone missing and the force aren’t looking for them.

She also has to deal with her son’s coming transformation into a werewolf, and how the local pack will react to another potential male wolf within the reservation. (Spoiler alert: not all that well at first.)

Judah is a small, but sassy and brave woman who continuously takes charge throughout the novel. Without many people to rely on, she has to lean on only her own wit and resourcefulness, especially when her agency doesn’t seem keen on having her back in such a place as Paint Rock reservation for all manner of supernatural creatures.

Near the end, the situations seems impossible, time is short and precious, and yet, Judah always manages to use her amazing intelligence to find a way out. There’s no shortage of injuries, blood, and things I can’t even begin to put in here, but, I’m proud to say, all my favorite characters made it out alive.

If you like the supernatural, an amazing female protagonist, especially one who is a single mother, and a beautiful, diverse cast of supporting characters, Guilty by Association is for you.


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