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A Fair Fight

Title: A Fair Fight
Author: Jeffrey Cook
Blurb: The faeries are preparing for a war throughout worlds. But before the fighting comes the talking.

May is approaching, but there’s no way Megan O’Reilly can focus on plans for graduation and beyond when the ancient monsters called the Fomoire are about to break out of their frozen lake. As the ice melts in the Spring air, a conference of magical beings from around the world is being called. Apparently there are a lot of risks involved in properly equipping this kind of party. There are so many places–Earth, different mystic realms, the collective unconscious, an outright netherworld–to go, people to see, and things to be done.

Megan is going to help. No matter how dangerous it gets.

In the third installment of The Fair Folk Chronicles, Jeffrey and Katherine, once again manage to capture the imagination. With the ice under threat of cracking and spewing out the faes’ greatest enemies, the fae have choices to make, allies to call, and not-so-allies to try and sway over. The Greeks, and many others, don’t believe the Fomoire are their enemies, but with Megan and Co. on diplomatic missions, that soon changes.

Megan steps up time and again, showing her strength and wisdom. And her vulnerability. She is, after all, a teenager, and half human. I know I’ve said I identify with Megan, but I also just love her character. She’s brave, but not foolish. Tough, kind, and smart.

The whole gang is in this book, plus people we’ve never even met. Tengu, Norwegians, Orgers. Jack-In-Chains, is, admittedly, an interesting side character I’m sure we’ll see more of.

After one of Megan’s diplomatic missions, she’s set on a quest for the Cauldron, which dispenses infinite food and helps negotiations. On this quest, she goes through dreams, is sent to the underworld, and manages to convince now only the dwarves but the light elves to at least go to the negotiations.

And, she gets the cauldron!

What I found most important about this book, however was the bonds around Megan. Lani, Justin, Cassia and the cats, Ashling and the Count. Over and over, she reaffirms her bonds to them. not always in big ways, but in ways that matter, and they to her. The cast only gets closer and it adds to the elements of the book.

The end of the book leaves a lot up in the air, and I am loving the tension as I get ready to read the next book. Jeffrey and Katherine have kept me hooked, and I’m so excited to be on the last book, though I’m dreading the end, as per my usual.


Day One

Day Two

Day Three

Day Four

Day Five

Day Six

Day Seven

Day Eight

Stay tuned for March 5th, 2017 when I livetweet the book All’s Fair (Fair Folk Chronicles Book 4) by Jeffrey Cook


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