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All’s Fair

Title: All’s Fair
Author: Jeffrey Cook
Blurb: Late December is a magical time of year. Magical enough for the forces of the Fomoire to truly begin their conquest.

Many people travel and consider new things during a gap year before college. Megan of the Unseelie, all of 18 now, is spending hers hurrying between realms and trying to figure how to stop the Fomoire from running rampant over all worlds when the Winter Solstice arrives.

Now Megan must rally her friends and allies one more time in a last, desperate mission. Especially because some on both sides say all those worlds are doomed.

Megan goes from princess to queen; from high schooler to almost college; from bard to bard-warrior. In this last installment of Jeffrey Cook and Katherine Perkins Fair Folk Chronicles Megan and the gang really come into themselves and the roles they now find themselves in.

The ice is broken and only Riocard’s and Orlaith’s sacrifice keeps their enemies at bay. But, the fire wall can’t hold out forever, and the Fomoire are powerful. Far more powerful than the fae.

I really enjoyed how Megan stepped up. She dealt with being princess with hesitancy, but in the face of war, she didn’t shirk her responsibilities. With a little help from Beyond™, her father sets her on a path for one last, magical artefact. In the ensuing adventure, secrets are revealed.

This book…well, I sort of guessed it was going to make me an emotional mess, especially considering the end of book three. But, as per my usual, I underestimated exactly how much this book would cause me to suffer. At every twist and turn, I found myself attached to people I didn’t even want to like, and mourning those who I thought deserved better. But, of course, people die, and even the fae when up against their single greatest enemy.

When things get really bad, Megan calls up help from the goddess Brigid. And it does help. But the casualties of war are always numerous and fae wars are no different. In the end, those who died, died bravely.

I will definitely be coming back to this series. Re-reading it can only make it better.


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