Review Guidelines

Let me know if anyone is interested in sending ARC copies of their books. Or even just a true paper copy. If there’s enough interest, I will get a special PO Box just for that. Contact me at macirune at gmail dot com and let me know!

  1. I will review LGBT books. In fact, I’d love to!
  2. Sex scenes are fine.
  3. Erotic fiction is fine.
  4. Do not be afraid to have me review a YA book. I quite enjoy them.
  5. Feel free to send in any genre you like. I am partial to fantasy, but open to all!
  6. Please, no fanfiction.
  7. Remember, please, that reviews are MY opinion. While I may not be into something, someone else might be interested by my review.
  8. I will post my review here, on Amazon, and Goodreads. If it’s on Barnes and Noble, I also post the review there and include the link on my blog. If your book is on any other service, let me know! I’ll be more than happy to put the review there.
  9. I do tweet your book as I read it (example here) and if you have a Twitter, you will be mentioned in each tweet unless you specify me not to. If you don’t have a Twitter (and also if you do), I will link to your author page at the end of each day.
  10. Fiction ONLY! Sorry, but I can’t seem to read non-fiction to save my life.
  11. If you cannot handle the possibility of a negative review, do me a favor. Do NOT ask me to review your book. If you disagree with my review, fine, but I will NOT be taking down any reviews I make public.